Vinzenz Gruppe – How to position a soulful digital platform.

About Vinzenz Gruppe:

The Vinzenz Gruppe is one of the largest private sponsors of non-profit healthcare facilities in Austria. Today, under the umbrella of the Vinzenz Gruppe, five religious congregations work together with around 10,000 employees for health that comes from the heart - in clinics, health parks, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation centers and nursing homes.

The challenge:

We have been accompanying the Vinzenz Gruppe for over 7 years on selected strategic issues. It is currently working on the digitalization of healthcare in a visionary pioneering project together with Siemens Healthineers. Our current challenge here is: How can digitalization be used to completely rethink and decisively improve the relationship between people and hospitals? What vision and what purpose does this create? And how do we prevent the Vinzenz Gruppe's own special identity from being lost at the expense of digitization? In short: how do you position a new digital service with all users (internal and external) in such a way that the novelty of the new service does not prevent it, but on the contrary has long been expected by all?

How we achieved this together:

Through a joint multi-step development process including management and selected executives and co-thinkers of the Vinzenz Gruppe.

Step #1:

In Step #1, a truly disruptive audit aligned the identity of the Vinzenz Gruppe with the possibilities of digitalization and the wishes and hopes of the people. What patterns can be identified? What difference can and must the Vinzenz Gruppe make in this process? What drives such a product both internally and externally? The way: qualitative instruments like Future Talks & Expert Talks. Clearly evaluated in a multi-layered "Systemic Hypothesis Model". The result: a first strategic development corridor for vision, purpose and positioning of the visionary product.

Step #2:

In Step #2, based on the audit, a purpose was created together and a vision was developed based on it, reaching far beyond the limits of a simple digital product. Grounded in the special culture and identity of the Vinzenz Gruppe. Echallenged with the exponential possibilities that lie dormant in digital platforms. In short: how can a small step like a digital clinic platform become a big step on the way to more health that comes from the heart? Summarized compactly and inspiringly in a strategic positioning concept.

How soulful can digitization be?

"As an active shaper in the healthcare sector, we need inspiring, innovative co-thinkers. With disruptive, we have a truly special consultancy at our side to do just that."

Michael Heinisch
Chairman of the Executive Board of Vinzenz Gruppe

What else we have developed together with the Vinzenz Group:

Re-positioning Vinzenz Gruppe / Development of outpatient REHA / Development & positioning of Ordensklinikum Linz / Development & positioning of Ordens Pflege Holding / Development & positioning of health parks and much more.

Further customers Health:

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Tools & Topics

# Disruptive Market Audit
# Touch Points
# Cultural Analyses
# Qualitative Analyses
# Purpose Thinking
# Brand Positioning
# Digital Branding