How we get beyond your strategy together.

With more than 10 years of experience in disruptive strategy development, we are considered the leading strategy consultancy of a new digital-disruptive age.

We support our clients with customized strategy and transformation processes that give them access to the "secret" strategy tools from Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv.

And on the other hand, they are based on well-founded expertise in change management, a keen sense of real business and an irrepressible belief in high-performance leadership. All together we tailor our clients in 3 inspiring phases to really effective processes including sustainable anchoring in the company.

Phase 1. Believe.

Together, we dive deep into the worlds of our clients' industries. Into their culture, their value chains, the ancestral beliefs and, above all, the future, drivers and turning points of their industry.

The result: an unprecedented shared view of the hidden patterns, potentials and futures of a company and its industry. It's a good thing that from now on, our clients know more about the immediate shapable future than any of their competitors.

Phase 2. Disrupt.

Here is where conventional strategy models and consultations run out of energy & inspiration. Starting from an uncopyable Multi-Transformative-Purpose (MTP) & an inspiring vision based on it, our clients learn the "secret" strategy tools of Apple, Google and Amazon, apply them and differentiate them in the market.

Clients understand how "Backward Roadmapping" is utilized at the forefront of shaping an entire industry backwards.

They are the first in their industry to know what true "High Hard Goals" are or apply Tesla's "First Principles Thinking" to disrupt their competitors.

In short: together with our clients, we build a vision that packs a punch. And a strategy based on it, including a roadmap that connects the daily business with the best possible future of a company.

Phase 3. #wetransformyou

Strategies and visions are patient formats. Especially if they are in beautiful concepts. We understand this. And our customers always warn us about this.

That's why phase 3 is all about putting what we have worked out into practice in a determined and motivated manner.

In short: we get a company moving for exactly this strategy and vision. We call this very special format of entrepreneurial transformation and implementation "movement". And just as social #movements are changing the world, we use the same systematic and motivational power to change your company in the direction of the future.

In summary.

All that you have just read sounds too good to be true? Or have many consultants promised you something similar in cool words in the past?

We are consultants too. And promise you that it won't always be easy. But we know that working with us is worth it. You can read more about it in our references. Or we'll be happy to tell you about it during a personal insight, complete with Club-Mate or Makava.

What we really tackle:

# 1:1 Executive Coaching
# Brand Positioning
# Creating a Movement
# Cultural Analysis
# Digital Branding
# Disruptive Market Audit
# Empowering the future together
# Externes Change-Team
# First Principle Thinking
# Global Disruptive Market Audit
# Inner Circle Building
# Inspirational Journeys
# Leadership Challenging
# Leadership Sessions
# Longterm Disruptive Thinking
# Moon Shot Thinking
# Purpose & Vision
# Purpose Driven Organisation
# Purpose Thinking
# Qualitative Analysis
# Strategic Analysis
# Strategy Roadmapping
# Touch Points
# Transformation