Forward is a place where nobody knows their way around.

At a time when the course is being set anew in Europe's companies, we work together with our customers on precisely those business models, strategies, goals and visions that are necessary to successfully master the transformation into a new era.

We are well-founded strategists with a wealth of industry experience.

We are visionaries with unique access to and understanding of the innovation and digital centers in Tel Aviv and San Francisco.

And we are experienced companions who know how to deal with people and dynamics in challenging transformations.

In short, we ride through a challenging entrepreneurial time, because we are convinced that there is a lot of potential waiting for all of us.

That's why we are Europe's most disruptive consultancy. And our work begins precisely where conventional consultancies lack the answers, tools & processes.

For example, with you.

Astronaut 10times

In Silicon Valley, a good idea is only really good if it's a really big idea. Moonshot thinking, as the Americans call it. They mean ideas that are thought out at least 10 times bigger than in conventional companies. "What does your business idea look like when you think 10 times bigger with 10 times the budget?" is the first question an investor asks.

To find new paths and solutions, you have to radically abandon old ones. And in doing so, you must throw a large part of your cherished patterns of thought, action and success overboard.

Great strategies are best planned in inspiring spaces. That's why we make future roadmapping an experience that can be shaped together with our clients' inner circle.

You can shape your own future with High Hard Goals using Microsoft Excel. Or with us.

Sometimes it takes the really big stage for our customers: for example, when it comes to sparking a fire in large groups.

Together with us, vision and strategy processes are always immersive experiences. For example, in the form of Strategy Days, where executives & employees can get directly involved in new strategies, business models and technologies.

Together with us, vision and strategy processes are always learning journeys into our own future. That is why we enable our customers to access the sources of innovation in Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv. Either directly on site or in the form of virtual and above all CO2-neutral learning journeys.