IAV – Accompanying the German automotive industry through the mobility transition.

About IAV

IAV is one of the most important engineering companies in the (German) automotive industry. Approximately 8,000 employees work on developing solutions for vehicle manufacturers and suppliers of global automotive brands.

The challenge:

The automotive industry faces massive challenges as the mobility transition leads to a change in market requirements, as well as in scope and customer allocation. Therefore, IAV sees the need to strategically realign itself.

Step #1:

To understand the future role of IAV within the automotive sector, we started with the exciting task of carving out an extensive purpose together with the IAV Culture Team. Starting with a qualitative audit, we went back to the origins of IAV and rediscovered highly relevant aspects: the “IAV spirit” and the company´s relevance to the global industry.

Step #2:

Strengthened with new self-confidence, we moved on to ask questions about culture. “What does a company have to be like in these challenging times? Where does it need to evolve to?” The answers to these questions served as the basis for a corporate vision illustrating the company´s direction for the next 15 to 20 years.

Step #3:

Simultaneously, the strategists of IAV had been working on the future corporate strategy. What was needed now was a story (a so-called "meta-change story") to make the strategy tangible, easy to understand within the company, and to get the message across to all employees. Plus: it needed a control unit to take care of the transformation of IAV from within.

Step #4:

As external consultants, we were pleased to be part of this unique interdisciplinary control team around Karsten Gierke. Together, we built the necessary change architecture within a customized transformation process and accompanied the implementation of the new strategy for more than a year. Inspired by the social phenomenon of so-called "movements", we developed special tools and various formats leading the employees through the change process.
How do you get 8,000 people, especially in such challenging times, to leave their comfort zone and courageously step into the new?

"In a large-scale change process, the joint work with the consultants from disruptive was always very inspiring and on equal terms."

Karsten Gierke
Executive Vice President

What more we developed together with IAV:

Strategic Audit & Re-Positioning IAV Commercial Vehicles / Relaunch Corporate Values / Developing a Meta-Change Story / Transportation 2040 Future Analysis & Study / Conception of a new roadmap format / Conception and co-moderation of the international leadership meeting "New" / and many more exciting projects.

Further clients Automotive & Transport:

Clean Logistics / F/LIST / Hilitech / Vibe

Tools & Topics:

# Purpose & Vision
# Value Creation

# Meta-Change-Story

# Moon Shot Thinking

# Creating a Movement

# Transformation

# External Change Team

# Qualitative Analysis

# Purpose Thinking